Maid and matron of honor are the most important members of the bridal team. They are the closest friends of the bride and they take care of everything that bride needs during the wedding.

Maid Of Honor and Matron Of Honor

What’s the difference between maid and matron of honor?

  • The maid of honor is the unmarried best friend or sister of the bride. She is someone whom the bride can count on, she organizes the pre-wedding activities (bridal shower, bachelorette party) and she offers the emotional support for the bride during the wedding. She is also the one who holds the wedding bouquet for the bride during the ceremony.
  • The matron of honor is the married best friend, sister of the bride or the close relative (some brides even select their mother for this role). A divorced woman can also be the matron of honor. Her responsibilities are same as the maid of honor and she will be a big support for the bride because of her wedding/marriage experience.

Can I have a maid and a matron of honor?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine if you want to have both. Just make sure you have a groomsman or best man to walk each of them down the aisle during the ceremony.

Should they wear the same dresses like the other bridesmaids?

They should have something to set them apart from other bridesmaids. It can be a dress in slightly different style or color or a flower bouquet in different color or size.

Any tips?

  • During the wedding ceremony both maid and matron of honor will stand on the left side of the bride.
  • You can use the term ‘honor attendant’ instead of the ‘maid’ or ‘matron’.
  • If the bride has a male friend as a honor attendant, he should be called the ‘man of honor’.
  • If the groom has a female friend as a honor attendant, she should be called the ‘best woman’.

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