Wondering when to send the RSVP cards? Should they match the invitations? What information to include? Here are some RSVP cards tips.

RSVP Cards Tips

Send RSVP cards as soon as possible

Invitations are usually ordered about 4-6 months before the wedding day and sent about 2 months before the wedding day. If you can, send them even earlier, to give your guests enough time to respond.

Write a deadline

Give a clear respond deadline. Recommendation is to set it 1 month before the wedding day. Most vendors want to finalize order details 4 weeks before the wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding, RSVP date should be around 2 months before the wedding day, to give guests enough time to arrange their travel details.

Additional information

If you need to include any additional information (contact details, phone, email, dress code…), add them on the RSVP card.

Leave a blank space

Leave a blank space to allow your guests to express their creativity. They can share some thoughts, write special accommodations or leave a note about their excitement for your celebration.

Break the wording tradition

Traditional wording for the RSVP card is ‘accepts with pleasure/declines with regret’ – which is a bit boring. Personalize the RSVP card with you design and style, change the wording, add different requests and think of something quirky and funny!

Be creative

RSVP cards are a great way of injecting your own style and personality. You can make them more unique by asking what song to play on the dance floor. You can also ask for date ideas or advice for the newlyweds. It’s a great way to connect with your guests and also to set the tone for the upcoming celebration.

What are your thoughts on RSVP cards tips?

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