Wondering who should participate in the bouquet toss? When should you order the bouquet? How much will it cost? Here’s everything you should know about wedding bouquet toss.

Wedding Bouquet Toss

Who should participate in the bouquet toss?

All unmarried women should participate in the bouquet toss, according to tradition. However, if some of your friends don’t want to participate, don’t force them.

When should you order wedding bouquet?

Whether you’ll toss the actual bouquet or order a second one just for the bouquet toss, you should order the bouquet 6-9 months before the wedding day.

How much does the wedding bouquet cost?

This will depend on your floral budget. If you’re ordering a second wedding bouquet, it should cost less than the normal bouquet. Ask the florist if they have package deal for ordering two bouquets.

When should the bouquet toss occur?

There isn’t a strict rule, but the bouquet toss usually happens during the wedding reception, when dinner, toasts and dances have come to an end. Sometimes, bride will toss the bouquet after the cutting of the cake.

How long does the bouquet toss last?

Bouquet toss should be about the length of one song. Plan the song with your DJ ahead of time. Also, make sure your closest friends aren’t in a bathroom when the DJ calls the ladies to head down to the dance floor.

What should happen after?

Bouquet toss is one of the last things to happen during the reception. Dancing will resume until it’s time for the newlywed couple to make their exit from the wedding.

Do you have to toss your wedding bouquet?

Most brides want to keep their original wedding bouquet as a keepsake, so they order a second, smaller bouquet to toss. Smaller bouquets can also be caught with ease.

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