What suit color should the groom wear? There are a lot of different wedding suit colors to choose from – light pink, bright blue, olive green, vibrant violet. Colorful suit is a great way to add a bit of personality to your wedding look. It will help you stand out in the wedding photos. It can also be a good way to tie the wedding color palette together.

What Suit Color Should The Groom Wear

Gray suit

There are endless ways to wear a gray suit. Gray suit will match with just about anything – you can accessorize it for the formal wedding or dress it down for a casual ceremony.

Light gray suit

This color is the best for spring and summer weddings. It’s also a great choice for the daytime wedding. Light gray is one of the most casual suit colors – if you’re planning a formal wedding, choose a darker shade of gray.

Charcoal suit

Charcoal suit looks more expensive than light gray suit. It’s a great choice for fall and winter weddings.

Blue suit

Blue suit is both bold and modern. It’s a fun twist on the classic wedding suit. It’s a great choice for spring and summer weddings.

Navy suit

Navy suit is a great choice for summer and fall weddings. This suit is a popular alternative to the classic black tuxedo. For a formal wedding, dress it up with black and white accessories or a bow tie. For a casual wedding, dress it down with a little more color.

Dusty blue suit

Dusty blue suits are a trend that is taking the wedding industry by storm. You can style this suit with velvet bow tie, accent it with silver and sage or wear a navy tuxedo for the contrast.

Black suit

Black suit is the most formal groom suit option. It’s a classic look and it will never look out of place. It is recommended for winter weddings.

Tan suit

This isn’t a suit for the formal wedding, it’s a casual suit that is best for the daytime wedding. Tan suit is the perfect choice if you’re getting married in a rustic barn, on a tropical beach or at the base of a mountain.

Olive green suit

You can’t go wrong with an olive green suit. As well as being very chic, it’s the perfect choice for the nature-inspired setting or for a greenery filled wedding.

Emerald suit

Emerald is such an elegant wedding suit color. Pair it with the white shirt and a matching bow tie for a truly show-stopping look.

Marigold suit

Marigold suit is both bohemian and modern. This color is perfect for a fall wedding or a rustic wedding theme.

Rust suit

Make a statement with rust wedding suit. Rust is a trending wedding suit color. It works great with most wedding color palettes.

Red suit

Red suit is always a good idea. It looks especially great in an urban setting – the muted tones of the city allow this suit color to really pop. Wear it with dark shoes and shirt for a fall wedding look.

Purple suit

There’s never a dull moment in a purple suit. Dress it up with a lilac bow tie or dress it down with an open collared shirt. For incredible wedding photos, dress the wedding party in various shades of purple color.

Plum suit

Plum suit is a great alternative to navy or black tux. It’s neutral enough to go with any wedding setting, but also individual enough to let your personality shine through.

Pink suit

Pink is such a fun suit color. It’s easy to integrate pink into the wedding color palette – light gray and navy blue will always look great with pink. Pink suit is perfect for summer weddings. It’s a great choice for a beach wedding or a tropical destination wedding.

What suit color should the groom wear? Do you have any suggestions?

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