There is nothing like a snow-covered cozy winter wedding. If you are planning a wintertime ceremony, there are a couple of extra things you might want to add to the planning list. Here’s a list of 10 things guests love at winter weddings.

10 Things Guests Love At Winter Weddings

Outdoor fire pit

If the venue allows it, outdoor fire pit is a great spot for your guests. They can head there with a drink from a bar or a coffee while the reception is winding down.


You should have an indoor alternative to the outdoor wedding. Having an indoor spot where guests can warm up is very important, even if you have a tented, heated reception.

Hot drinks

It’s a great idea to have a hot chocolate and coffee bar, in addition to open bar. That way, if the guests are feeling cold, they can grab a hot beverage.


If you want to serve a fun dessert, DIY s’mores are always a hit. S’mores bar is also a great addition to the fire pit.

Blankets and shawls

To keep your guests cozy and warm, have a pile of blankets and shawls for them to grab.

Outdoor heater

If you want to have part of your wedding outdoor, consider placing outdoor heaters around the space.

Comfort food

Keep the guests warm with comfort food – tomato soup, macaroni and cheese, tasty pies, warm pretzels…

Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon is the ultimate winter scent. Incorporate cinnamon sticks into napkin holders, centerpiece decorations, floral arrangements. You can also add them to cocktails.

Hanging lights

Put some light garlands all over the place or have a wall of hanging lights. Your guests will love to snap a picture in front of it.


Consider caramel chocolates as party favors. After your wedding celebration comes to an end, they are a sweet and wintery way to send your guests home.

What are your thoughts on this list of 10 things guests love at winter weddings?

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