What are the bridesman responsibilities? Should he attend the bridal shower? Should he help the bride to choose the wedding dress? What about the bachelorette party? Here’s everything you need to know about the bridesman duties.

Bridesman Duties

Before the wedding day

Wedding projects

If your bridesman is a wizard in the kitchen or a crafty person, include him in the making of cookies or limoncello liqueur for wedding favors. If he is a handyman, ask him to help construct the backdrop for the photo booth or even the altar.

Emotional support

Bridesman should offer a shoulder to lean on. He should also listen to the bride’s complaints, confessions and questions.

Bridal shower/bachelorette party

Bridesmen should attend both the bachelorette party and bridal shower. Since these are traditionally girls-only events, make sure he feels welcome.

Rehearsal dinner

Your bridesman and bridesmaids should be present at the rehearsal dinner. Be sure the bridesman knows the processional order and also if he should walk down the aisle with someone. Bridesman can also make a toast during the rehearsal dinner.

During the wedding day

Getting ready

During the morning of the wedding, bridesman probably won’t have the patience to sit through several hours of make up and hair styling, since all he needs is some hair spray or gel and a shave. Schedule a breakfast with mimosas before getting ready with your bridesmaids, so the bridesman can join you. After that, he can head out until it’s time for photos.

Last-minute errands

Ask the bridesman to help with last-minute errands – another bottle of champagne or the emergency sewing box from the store.


Bridesman should be included in pictures with the bride and bridesmaids. Be sure to fill him in on the timeline, so he’s not running last-minute errands during the important photo moments.


During the wedding reception, bridesman should start the dancing and interact with the guests.

After the wedding day


Vendors are usually paid 1 month before the wedding day, but if they haven’t been, bridesman should settle everything before the end of the wedding.

Next day brunch

If there’s going to be a morning-after brunch, the bridesman should attend it. Despite the potential hangover, brunch is a great chance to wrap up the wedding celebration and say goodbye to the guests.

What are your thoughts on bridesman duties?

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