How involved should the groom’s father be in the wedding? Should he host the rehearsal dinner? Should he help with wedding planning? Here’s everything you need to know about the father of the groom responsibilities.

Father Of The Groom Responsibilities

Before the wedding day


Groom’s father should rent or buy his suit (if he doesn’t already have one). He can tag along with the groom and groomsmen, when they are ordering their tuxedos (ideally, 5-6 months before the wedding). If there’s a discount for the wedding party, he’ll also be eligible for the discount.

Rehearsal dinner

Parents of the groom should traditionally host the rehearsal dinner. This is the opportunity for father of the groom to help with the event planning.

Hang out

If the groom and his father are close, he’ll probably be invited to join the groom and the groomsmen while they are getting ready the morning of the wedding. They might watch football while they are putting on their suits or go to an early round of golf.

During the wedding day

Walk down the aisle

Main groom’s father responsibility is to walk with the mother of the groom down the aisle. If the parents of the groom are divorced, he should walk his new wife down the aisle. In some ceremonies, groom’s father will also walk his son down the aisle.

Welcome guests

If there’s a receiving line, father of the groom should participate. He should stand with the parents of the bride and welcome guests.


Both father of the bride and father of the groom should give a speech during the reception.


Once the dancing starts, groom’s father should dance with the bride and also with the mother of the bride.


Another task on the list of the groom’s father responsibilities is to mingle with everyone. He should socialize with guests throughout the evening, especially with his new in-laws.

What are your thoughts on the father of the groom responsibilities?

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