Groom’s Cake Etiquette

What is the groom’s cake? Should we have it at our wedding? When should we cut it? What about serving? Here’s the groom’s cake etiquette.

Groom's Cake Etiquette

What is the groom’s cake?

Groom’s cake is a cake that is entirely influenced by the groom. It represents his tastes, interests and hobbies. It is usually served at rehearsal dinner or alongside the wedding cake during the wedding reception.

Must we have the groom’s cake?

No. Groom’s cake is entirely optional, like any other wedding tradition.

Who should take the lead with the design?

Groom’s cake is usually presented to the groom as a gift from his bride. Groom’s parents and close friends have input on the cake design.

When should we serve the groom’s cake?

Traditionally, groom’s cake was the wedding favor. It was sliced and given to the guests to take home. There aren’t any strict etiquette rules on serving the groom’s cake. It makes the most sense to cut and serve it right after the cutting of the wedding cake.

Any design/theme ideas?

Groom’s cake is typically themed around the career, interests or hobbies of the groom. The most common theme is sport – everything from hiking and fishing to pro-sports or college teams. Also, cakes pay homage to the pets, since they can’t always be present at the wedding. Most of groom’s cakes have a theme, but some of them are based only on the groom’s favorite flavor, like almonds or chocolate.

How to display the groom’s cake?

You can display the groom’s cake alongside the wedding cake or display it independently – depending on the cake theme and size. Couples usually display the groom’s cake on the bar or separate table. If you have a smaller wedding, serve the groom’s cake during the rehearsal dinner, to avoid having the large quantity of cake on the wedding day.

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