If you’re planning an elopement or intimate wedding, large cake may not be the right fit. While the baker can make adjustments to the cake size, it makes more sense to make the sweets for the celebration. Here’s how to make your own wedding desserts.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Desserts


Write down everything you are planning to make – along with a list of ingredients. Plan the amount of each ingredient you’ll need, such as bags of flour, bags of sugar, cartons of eggs. Buy a bit extra, in case something goes wrong.


Plan the order in which you will bake desserts. Consider both the baking time and the prep time. Also, take the kitchen into consideration. The oven in your house may be very different than the oven at your parents’ home.


You don’t have to make your wedding day sweets alone. If your grandmother or mother are skilled bakers, ask them for help. When it comes to the wedding day, ask someone to set up the dessert display. You don’t want to plate cupcakes in the wedding dress.

Keep it simple

Go for simple desserts. Planning several uncomplicated sweets will make it more achievable.

Dessert table

If you are planning to make several different sweets, dessert table is the best option. Consider making the display with a mix of store-bought and home made desserts. Put several jars of candy alongside brownies and cookies, to create a bit more whimsical look.

Mini desserts

Consider mini desserts – they can be plated in a beautiful way. Make crispy rice treats and decorate them with chocolate and dried flowers. Use pretty cups to make mini parfaits. Utilize store-bought pastry dough and put together fruit tarts.


Make sure you have a plan to transport the desserts safely to the venue. Buy dessert boxes to help keep them in place while the vehicle is in motion. You can buy plastic cupcake containers or cardboard cake boxes at grocery store, local bakery or craft shop.


One of the simplest ways to dress up a homemade dessert is by using greenery and florals. They will also hide the flaws in frosting. Ask your florist to deliver extra flowers on the wedding day. Adding dried edible flowers is a great way to elevate the look of your wedding desserts. You can also decorate with fruit (moody figs, bright citrus, cherries, berries). For cupcakes, use pretty wrappers or liners.

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