Should you rent the wedding dress? Wedding dresses are not cheap – they usually cost around $2000-$5000. If you’d rather save money for the honeymoon, renting is a very popular alternative. It allows you to wear an expensive wedding dress and save money.

Should You Rent The Wedding Dress


Depending on the rental company, you can save thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. Typically, you can rent a wedding dress for as little as $50-$500. Designer dresses are a bit more expensive, they usually cost around $500-$2000.


Saving money

Renting a wedding dress is much cheaper option than buying. With renting, dresses that were over your budget will become affordable. You can also save money if you rent shoes, veil and other accessories.

No need to preserve or store the dress

Wedding dress preservation is a big expense – the average preservation kit costs from $250 to $750, though prices can go as high as $1000. With rental, there is no need to worry about how will you preserve your wedding dress or where will you keep it.

Destination wedding

Flying with your wedding dress can be tricky. If you’re having a destination wedding, rent a dress at a destination salon. This way, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles and packing.


Limited options

Renting may not be a good choice if you’re a picky shopper or if you’re looking for a specific wedding dress style. Some dresses will not be available on your wedding date. Others will not be available in your size. Also, you won’t be able to make dress alterations.

Additional fees and damages

When renting a wedding dress, you’ll probably have to pay extra for insurance and shipping. You will also have to pay for any damages on the dress. Insurance will cover for minor issues, but the bride is responsible to pay for any significant damage.

Sentimental aspect

For some brides, renting a dress takes the sentimental value away. Also, it takes away the shopping experience with friends and family members. If you are planning to keep the wedding dress and pass it to the next generation, renting isn’t a good choice for you.

Renting tips

Customer reviews

If you are renting the dress online, be sure to see what other customers are saying.


Website browsing can be overwhelming. Narrow the search by filtering things such as length, color, silhouette, sleeves, shape, embellishments and body type.

Rental time

Check how long you will be able to keep the wedding dress. You’ll want to have it as far in advance as possible. Most rental companies will allow only 4-5 days.

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