Wedding tuxedo price will be dictated by the fabric, color, cut, accessories, designer and alterations. The biggest decision is: should you buy or rent the wedding tux?

Wedding Tuxedo Price


Tuxedo prices vary just as much as wedding dress prices. The biggest factor is the decision whether to buy or rent. Tuxedo rentals cost about $200. Buying a tuxedo will cost from $500 to $1000.

Saving money

If you’re on a budget, renting a tuxedo is a way to save hundreds of dollars. You can also look for a tux rental that provides only basics. No accessories will be included (cuff links, shoes, tie clips, bow tie, etc.) – you can borrow them from your grandfather or father. Another way of saving money is to rent the tux from an online retailer, instead of renting in the big-box store.

Additional expenses

Wedding tuxedo is more than a jacket, shirt and pants. Full tuxedo with extra pieces (cuff links, lapels, bow tie, etc.) will cost more than $100 on top of the base suit price. Depending on the adjustments, alterations will cost around the same. Custom suits will also cost some extra money, especially if they are made from velvet or wool (these are very popular choices for winter weddings). Renting these suits will cost around $500 and buying will cost around $1500.

Tuxedo fitting

When it comes to the wedding tuxedo, fit is as important as style. It’s important to work with the tailor, whether you are renting or buying the tux. Tailor knows how a tux should fit, so be sure to ask him for advice. Also, ask him about the exact cost of the alterations and how long will the alterations take.

What are your thoughts on wedding tuxedo price?

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