The most important part of a rehearsal dinner is a chance for both families to spend a bit more time together before the wedding day. No matter what type of rehearsal dinner you decide to have (formal dinner, barbecue, backyard fiesta…), there are a couple of things you should add to the timeline.

What Happens At A Rehearsal Dinner


Whether you’re having a pre-wedding feast with your whole guest list or a formal dinner with closest family members, it won’t be a rehearsal dinner without a meal.


Rehearsal dinner is a great time to give presents to the wedding party members (if you’re not planning to do that on the wedding day). The crowd will be smaller, so there will be more time to give and open presents. Don’t forget to thank the parents for their guidance, love and support.


Traditionally, the hosts should welcome guests at the beginning of the rehearsal dinner. After that, the groom should toast the bride and her family. Bride and groom should also make a short speech together (right after the hosts or at the end of the evening). If you want to limit the toasts on your wedding day, schedule some of the speeches during the rehearsal dinner.


The groom’s cake should be served during the rehearsal dinner. Groom’s cake can also be served next to the wedding cake on the wedding day. You can also ask friends or family members to bake desserts or order up a dessert bar from the local bakery.

Last minute reminders

At the end of the evening, make announcements about the wedding day. Check if wedding party members know when and where they are expected to arrive. Also, check if they know what items to bring. Remind the guests about activities, pick up times and locations for transportation. Include important details and last minute changes.

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