What Makes the Wedding Invitation Suite

What makes the wedding invitation suite? There’s the outer envelope, inner envelope, invitation card, reply card (RSVP) and reception card. You can also include other enclosure cards such as map cards and hotel accommodations. Invitation, reply card and reception card should be printed in the same way and on coordinating papers.

What Makes the Wedding Invitation Suite

Outer and inner envelope

The outer envelope has been used through history to ensure that every guest receive the envelope in excellent condition. Even if the outer envelope has been damaged in the mail, the inner one will be flawless. Since mail isn’t carried around by horses any more, this isn’t a concern today, however, outer-inner envelopes are still in use. It is a part of tradition and it will give your wedding invitation suite a few extra fancy points. Outer envelope should have all of the information the post office needs for delivery: stamp, guest address and return address. Inner envelope should have the names of the invited guests in the household (including children, their names do not appear on the outer envelope).

Invitation card

Invitation is the most important part of the invitation suite. It should include all important information about your wedding, including time, date and location. It should also state the dress code: is the attire formal or casual. Invitation also gives your guests an idea about the theme and color choices of the wedding.

Reply card (RSVP)

RSVP card will let you know how many of your invited guests are coming and are they bringing a plus-one to your wedding. It has its own self-addressed return envelope. You should put stamps on RSVP envelopes, so your guests are more likely to quickly send it back. You can also print the RSVP card like a postcard.

Reception card

Reception card is useful if the reception will be at a different location than the wedding. It should include time, address and all the other details related to reception. Reception card is smaller than the invitation, but you should print it on the same stationery. It should also be written in same style. You can print the reception details on the invitation, but including the reception card will give your wedding invitation suite a few extra fancy points.

Other enclosure cards

Map cards and/or hotel accommodations. Don’t leave guests to Google maps when it comes to getting to your wedding on time. Include a map with directions to your venue. You don’t have to send accommodation cards to everyone, just to out-of-town guests. If you’re covering guests’ accommodations, it’s proper etiquette to indicate that on the card.

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