Indian weddings are culture-rich events full of rituals and traditions. They are about the happy couple, but also about their families. Here’s what to expect at an Indian wedding.

What To Expect At An Indian Wedding

What to wear?

Buy or rent an Indian attire. It’s a good choice to be very colorful – don’t wear black or white. Man should wear long pants and long sleeves. Women should wear lenghas or saris. During the ceremony, both man and women should cover their heads.

Should you bring gift?

‘No gifts’ is an instruction commonly found at the bottom of Indian wedding invitations. If you want to give a gift, have it mailed to the couple’s home. It’s ok to give the envelope with money to the couple during the reception, but make sure the amount ends in one. In Indian culture, good things end in one. So, you shouldn’t give $100 – instead, give $101.

How long does the ceremony last?

Indian weddings last 3 days. The Hindu ceremony is the event that happens on the third day and it usually lasts 1-2 hours. It is followed by the wedding reception.

How big is an Indian wedding?

Indian weddings are much bigger than Western weddings. Intimate Indian wedding has 150-200 guests. The entire hometown community is invited to the Indian wedding, not only friends and family members. Number of guests can lead into the thousands.

Will the bride and groom kiss?

There isn’t a kiss at the end of the Indian wedding, as a result of conservative culture. The kiss is considered too personal for such a public event.

Will there be alcohol?

Indian weddings do not have alcohol during the ceremony. Alcohol is especially avoided if a wedding is held inside of a temple. There may be alcohol at pre or post-ceremony parties.

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