Blusher Veil Etiquette

Wondering what is a blusher veil? How should it be worn? Should it complement the wedding dress? Here’s a blusher veil etiquette.

Blusher Veil Etiquette

What is a blusher veil?

Blusher veil covers the face of the bride until she is presented to the groom. In ancient times, bride would wear a blusher to protect her against the evil forces. Today it’s a symbol of purity and modesty and also a fashion accessory.

What is the difference between the blusher and the wedding veil?

Blusher is the additional layer on the wedding veil that covers the bride’s face. You can wear a wedding veil without a blusher.

What are the blusher veil styles?

Blushers can be made to desired length. They can be attached to the wedding veil (butterfly cut) or they can be worn as a separate layer.

How to choose a blusher veil?

There are several things to consider. Keep in mind the silhouette and the style of the gown. The veil should go with the dress – not overshadow it. Also, think about your hairstyle. Last but not least, set up the budget. Simple blushers cost around $100, but in some cases, they can cost as much as the wedding dress.

What length should it be?

The length of the blusher will transform your entire bridal style. When trying on the wedding gown, keep in mind where the blusher veil falls and also where you’ll be holding the bouquet.

Who should lift the blusher?

This is an intimate decision, that is totally up to you. Usually, the groom lifts the blusher. It can also be the person who is walking the bride down the aisle.

Should I wear the blusher veil?

Blusher veil is optional, just like any other bridal accessory. It usually goes with more traditional look. Many brides choose not to cover their face.

What are your thoughts on blusher veil etiquette?

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