Wondering how to choose the right wedding veil? When to put it on? How should it be worn? Should you wear it at the wedding reception? Here’s everything you should know about wearing your wedding veil.

Things To Know About Wearing Your Wedding Veil

When to put the veil on

You’ll probably want to put the veil on as soon as possible, but think about your timeline first. If you’ll walk to the church/venue, ask the hairstylist to put on your veil just before you leave the room. If you’ll be getting in the car to go to the church/venue, wait with the veil until you arrive, to avoid wrinkling or pulling the veil out as you get out of the car.

When to take the veil off

This decision is totally up to you. If you’re wearing the longer veil, you’ll probably want to remove it right after the ceremony, so you can move freely during the reception. If you are wearing the blusher, you can leave it on and maintain your bridal look throughout the cocktail hour and reception.

How to keep the veil in place

There’s a comb attached to the veil to help keep it in place. You can also use a couple of bobby pins to attach the veil to your hair, for the extra security. Add 1-2 pins to each side and criss-cross them for the extra grip. Choose bobby pins that match your hair color.

Who should help you to remove the veil

You hairstylist is the best choice to help with the veil, but it may not be possible for him to stay for a couple more hours (it could also cost you more). Instead, ask the wedding planner to help you. You can also ask the hairstylist to show your maid of honor or mom how to remove your veil without ruining your hairstyle.

What are your thoughts on things you should know about wearing your wedding veil?

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