How long should you give the guests to RSVP? Should you provide additional ways to RSVP? What about RSVP for destination weddings? Here are some tips for getting wedding guests to RSVP.

Tips For Getting Wedding Guests To RSVP

Send RSVP cards as soon as possible

Wedding etiquette states that invitations should be sent 2 months before the wedding. That gives your guests 4-5 weeks to respond, so you can make the RSVP date 3-4 weeks before the wedding day. Rules are a bit different for destination weddings. Invitation should be sent 4-5 months before the wedding. RSVP date should be 2 months before the wedding. This will give your guests enough time to look for travel deals and arrange flights and accommodations.

Give guests additional ways to RSVP

Provide alternate RSVP options. Cards are still the traditional choice, but not everyone uses the mail like they once did. List an email address, wedding website or a telephone number.

Explain what RSVP means

Some guests don’t know what RSVP means and they don’t understand that a response is needed. Use wording such as Place respond by October 4th or The favor of you reply is requested by October 4th.

Ask for song requests

RSVP cards with participation factor or call to action will have better response rate. Ask your guests for date ideas, advice for the newlyweds or what song to play on the dance floor.

Keep in touch

Ask your guests if they got the invitation. Remind them to RSVP. Mention in conversation how much you’re hoping they will be able to attend your wedding.

Make the RSVP date clear

This might seem obvious, but make the RSVP date prominent on the response card. Some guests don’t realize that the reply date is serious. Others think that they only need to respond if they are going to attend.

What are you thoughts on tips for getting wedding guests to RSVP?

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