What are the ushers responsibilities? Should they greet the guests? Should they hand out wedding programs? Here’s everything you need to know about the wedding ushers duties.

Wedding Ushers Duties

How many ushers should you have?

Larger and more formal weddings require more ushers. A rule of thumb is to have one usher per 50 wedding guests.

How old should the ushers be?

Usually ushers are late teens and up, but they can be any age.

What should the ushers wear?

Ushers are the members of the wedding party, so they should be dressed according to the ceremony. They can wear a matching suit or just correlate with the wedding colors.

At a formal wedding

Ushers will have more duties at a formal wedding or at a wedding with high guest-count. These types of celebrations require a larger number of ushers.

  • Greet guests: At the traditional wedding ceremony, ushers are the ones to greet guests when they arrive. It is important that ushers are well mannered, hospitable and cheerful.
  • Hand out wedding programs: If there’s a wedding program, ushers should give a copy to each guest. They will usually give programs while greeting the guests.
  • Escort guests to their seats: Ushers main role is to escort wedding guests to their seats.

At an informal wedding

At a less formal wedding, ushers will have less duties and responsibilities.

  • Inform guests where should they sit: As the guests arrive, ushers should ask them if they are a friend of the bride or groom and inform them about the appropriate seating section. They should also let the guests know if there are any reserved seats or rows.
  • Guide guests: If there’s a delicate wedding aisle decor (easily wrinkled runner, fragile floral petals), ushers should make sure that guests walk around the outside of the rows.
  • Help guests that need assistance: If there are any elderly or disabled guests, ushers should guide them to their seats.

Additional duties

  • Escort grandparents: One of the additional responsibilities is escorting grandparents to their seats. This should be done before the beginning of the ceremony or as a part of the processional.
  • Seat guests who arrive late: Ushers should stay at the back of the venue during the ceremony – to seat guests who arrive after the ceremony has begun.
  • Parking attendants: At bigger weddings (or weddings with difficult parking situations), ushers should show the guests where they can park.

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