Wedding veil is the romantic addition to the wedding dress. How much does the veil cost? How should it be worn? What style should it be? Should it complement the dress? Here’s everything you should know about wedding veil etiquette.

Wedding Veil Etiquette

What are the veil styles?

There are several veil styles. You can choose the veil to be minimal (simple tulle) or you can choose something more dramatic (floral appliques, lace, beaded details).

Should it complement the wedding dress?

Yes. The veil should go with the dress – not overshadow it.

How long should the veil be?

It depends on the vibe you are going for. Short veils are fun and fresh. Long veils are elegant and dramatic. Veil lengths go from a birdcage (4-9 inches) to the cathedral veil (109-120 inches).

What hairstyle should I choose?

Hairstyle depends on the type of veil. Some veils are made for up-do hairstyle, others are made for wearing the hair down.

How to keep the veil in place?

Usually, there is a comb attached to the veil, so you can secure the veil in your hair. For additional security (especially if it’s an outdoor wedding) add bobby pins. Use bobby pins that match your hair color and place them on both sides of the veil.

Should the veil cover my face?

Shorter veil that is typically worn over the front of the face is called blusher. It usually goes with more traditional look. Many brides choose not to cover their face.

When to purchase the veil?

You should purchase the veil 3-4 months before the wedding day. It will give the designer enough time to make it and you will avoid the rush service payments.

How much does the veil cost?

The more intricate details, the higher the price. Simple veils cost around $250, while veils with more ornate styles cost $3000 (or even higher).

How to store the veil?

To prevent creases and wrinkles, fold it over a hanger, then place it in a protective bag. If you want to save your veil after the wedding, be sure to clean and store it correctly – over the time veil can weaken and discolor.

What are veil alternatives?

Many brides have replaced veils with tiaras, flower crowns, hair accessories or statement headpieces. You can also DIY your veil with a hair clip and some tulle.

What are your thoughts on wedding veil etiquette?

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